Welcome to Adults Only Space (AOS)

What is Adults Only Space?

Adults Only Space is an ADULT only social network.

Adults only space is for adults only.

This site had been a dream for a long time, and officially launched open to public beta testing and feedback February 2009.

The admin of this site is a guy that had started other adult / sex related web sites, and found that popular social networks went to shit when a bunch of prudes started using myspace.

As myspace started to censor itself and places like facebook went even further. We saw that little safe havens like tumblr started getting more prude and censored.

The need for a more open and free social network for adults to communicate without worrying about the bull shit of fakebook and others is real. This site aims to be a place where adults can share and talk about adult things including sexual things, but not limited to nudes and porn. A place where you can be more real and less worrying about things you want to talk about being attached to your real name, family, job, all that.

My Take on Adults Only Space

This place is one of a kind for two reasons.

  1. This place is a total social network where people from all over the world can be as sexually free as possible.
  2. Offers a blogging platform from WordPress so that people can start their own adult blog.

I’m for on am glad I’ve stumbled upon this site. I’m also pleased that they offer a blogging platform where I can be me and enjoy adult content.

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